COVID-19 Director Statement

Ali Jeffries

Recruitment Manager
Shopping, playing netball, sweets and is very partial to a Hendricks and tonic.
Arrogant people, poor grammar and Cadbury's Creme Eggs

Ali heads up the permanent division having previously worked in the background at Chiltern Recruitment for many years, in the capacity of an Administrator in Accounts.  She oversees the day to day functions of the division and supervises the activities of the other permanent Consultants.  Ali is a vibrant and entertaining member of the team with a great sense of fun.

Jan Bailey

Temporaries Manager
A cold glass of gin and tonic (with lime), playing squash and singing in her car.
Catching mice that her cat brings in, spiders, insincere people and Brussel sprouts.

Jan joined the company in 2011, having worked locally in recruitment for more years than she cares to remember.  She is a highly talented member of the team with considerable experience gained in both permanent and temporary recruitment.  She now works in tandem with Debbie in the running of the Temp Division.  Jan enjoys a good laugh in the office and is a self-confessed show off.

James Parkin ACIM

Marketing Manager
Skiing/snowboarding, McDonalds meals and fast cars.
Negative people, reality TV and cooking.

James has responsibility for all the marketing, website development, resourcing and vital administrative support in the office.  His previous experience was gained in hospitality where he used to organise exclusive conferences.  James has a wicked sense of humour and makes a valuable contribution to the office banter.

Jodie Robinson

Senior Recruitment Consultant
Family and friends, jazzercise, chocolate and a large glass of wine.
Cooking, Mayonnaise, Spiders and wearing flat shoes!

Jodie is Chiltern Recruitment’s longest serving member of staff, having joined in 2003.  For many years she worked in the capacity of Business Development, which she proved to be very successful in.  She is now working as a Permanent Consultant and is equally successful in this role.  Jodie keeps the office entertained with her stories about her disastrous attempts at cooking.

Debbie Hamblin

Temporaries Recruitment Consultant
Yoga, Yorkshire tea, chocolate, cheese and holidays abroad
Bad mannered people, meat, fish and celery

Debbie works alongside Jan, helping to run the Temporary division.  She has an established an impressive career in Customer Service so is used to handling a variety of customer issues and situations, all of which is invaluable experience to bring to a busy recruitment agency.  Debbie has a special responsibility in the office and has adopted all the plants, but gives special attention to her favourite – Basil.

Yvonne Harlow

Accounts Assistant
Spending time with her family, eating out (so she doesn’t have to cook), sunny holidays and working part time.
Rude people, Chinese food and Cats

Yvonne takes responsibility for the payroll, invoicing and credit control within the company.  She sends out the timesheets weekly and goes to great pains to make sure they are all gathered in before the payroll run.  Yvonne is the only person in the office who can successfully manage the petty cash.